Video & Film

  •  Pablo Larrain’s Pinochet trilogy (film) A trilogy of films by Chilean director Pablo Larrain exploring Chile during the dictatorship. The son of politicians who grew up in an upper-class household, Larrain created a trilogy seeking to understand the “fear and pain [that he’d]…missed” but that “a lot of people had experienced.”

Related article on latest film  No, the first Chilean film to be nominated for a Best Foreign Film Oscar.

  •  Cecilia Araneda: Chile: A History in Exile Documentary by Canadian filmmaker Cecilia Araneda interviewing Chileans who escaped during the dictatorship. Winner of Best Independent Documentary, Canadian International Annual Film Festival, 1999.
  •  Patricio Guzman: Battle for Chile Three part documentary of tracing Chilean history from the 1973 congressional election through the coup and the aftermath. Banned by Pinochet’s regime.


See a video of Culture Clash’s short-lived TV show here

  •  Luis Valdez Considered the father of Chicano Theatre in the United States
  •  Guillermo Gomez Pena: Performance Artist (also writer of Gringostroika): Mexican-Born performance artist, activist, writer considered a pioneer of Chicano/Latino performance art. 
  • Alameda Theatre Company Latin-Canadian theatre company based in Toronto. Recently, Carmen read from her new work, The Tina Modotti Project, at Alameda’s De Colores Festival.
  • Aluna Theatre Company Multi and inter-cultural, Toronto-based company; producers of Panamerican Routes Festival.
  •  Puente Theatre: Founded by Chilean-born director Lina de Guevara, Puente aims to bridge cultures and express the immigrant experience.



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