Something Fierce: Memoirs of A Revolutionary Daughter

Winner of Canada Reads 2012 and Finalist for the 2012 BC Book Prizes: Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize.

Something Fierce: Memoirs of A Revolutionary Daughter traces Carmen’s journey from childhood. At age eleven, Carmen’s life is forever changed by the announcement that the family is to suddenly pack up and move to La Paz, Bolivia. As she learns, her mother intends to join the wave of exiles (and their supporters) returning from all over the world to join the Chilean resistance against Pinochet’s dictatorship.  This gripping book follows Carmen as the family moves from city to city and country to country, working in secret for a liberated Chile. After making the decision to join the resistance as a teen, a young Carmen comes of age while devoting her life to a cause that could, at any second, lead to her death.

Something Fierce is available at most major bookstores & online retailers. For more on Something Fierce, visit the book’s official page via its publisher, D&M Books, or take a look at all the coverage from Canada Reads 2012. 

Watch George Stroumboulopoulos’ interview with Carmen here:


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